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HISPASAT signs agreement with the UN to Enter Operational Phase of Crisis Connectivity Charter for Support of Global Disaster Relief

These contribution agreements are the final steps in operationalizing the Crisis Connectivity Charter signed in 2015 between the EMEA Satellite Operators Association (ESOA), the Global VSAT Forum (GVF), the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Aid (OCHA) and the Emergency Telecommunications (ETC).

The Charter Signatories are now committing satellite equipment and capacity that will be dedicated for humanitarian purposes during emergency responses.

Since signing the Charter, HISPASAT has provided critical communications in the Caribbean islands devastated by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

HISPASAT presents its latest audiovisual news in “NAB 2018”

The Spanish operator will show some of its latest audiovisual contents that have been incorporated into the “HISPASAT 4K” television channel in its stand at NAB 2018.

HISPASAT continues to promote innovation and is exhibiting its new satellite reception terminals in its stand.

ESTUAMEB revalida por tercer año su convenio con HISPASAT y con la Fundación Estudiantes

La escuela de baloncesto en silla de ruedas ESTUAMEB estará presente en el partido que enfrenta al Movistar Estudiantes con el Retabet Bilbao Basket el próximo 8 de abril.

Gracias a la escuela, 24 jugadores en silla de ruedas entrenan semanalmente y participan en diferentes competiciones.

Hispasat y Eurona ofrecen acceso a Internet por satélite a 30 Mbps a todos los pueblos de Asturias

• Hispasat, Eurona y FENITEL han presentado hoy en Oviedo, en un desayuno informativo, ‘Conéctate por satélite’, un proyecto de inclusión digital para ofrecer acceso de calidad a Internet en las poblaciones mal atendidas por las redes de telecomunicación terrestres.

• Las más de 190.000 personas que residen en las “zonas blancas” de Asturias podrán tener un acceso potente a Internet gracias a la banda Ka de los satélites de Hispasat y a la plataforma de Eurona.

HISPASAT has opened the 2nd Scholarships for Aerospace Studies for Female Engineers

The operator continues to foster the development of female talent in areas of engineering, aiming to help more women enter this sector in the future.

HISPASAT's "Female Engineer" Scholarship will allow one woman to undertake her postgraduate studies in the aerospace field.

The headquarters of Hispasat and Abertis to turn off their lights for the planet

The HISPASAT and Abertis building in Madrid will join the campaign promoted by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on Saturday, 24 March.

Abertis' offices in Barcelona will also join the effort.

“Earth Hour” is the largest global initiative to defend the environment.

Última Semana Santa sin Internet para muchos pueblos españoles

• Hispasat y Eurona han puesto en marcha el proyecto de inclusión digital “Conéctate por Satélite” para extender la banda ancha a las zonas rurales de España.

• Ambas compañías se han unido para ofrecer una solución satelital en banda Ka que pretende reducir la brecha digital que sufren los pueblos españoles en estas zonas, que no disponen de conexión a Internet o la tienen de mala calidad.

Hispasat y Eurona ofrecen acceso a Internet por satélite a 30 Mbps a todos los pueblos de Castilla y León

Hispasat ha participado hoy en Valladolid en la jornada “La conectividad a Internet en el medio rural”, donde ha presentado “Conéctate por Satélite”, un proyecto de inclusión digital que desarrolla con Eurona para ofrecer acceso de calidad a Internet en las poblaciones mal atendidas por las redes de telecomunicación terrestres. ha participado también en la jornada para anunciar las subvenciones de hasta 400 euros que gestiona esta entidad pública para la contratación de banda ancha fija a 30 Mbps.

Las 800.000 personas* que residen en las “zonas blancas” de Castilla y León podrán tener un acceso potente a Internet gracias a la banda Ka de los satélites de Hispasat y a la plataforma de Eurona.

HISPASAT and Global Skyware develop a solution to provide satellite triple play services

The solution allows television and data services in different frequency bands to be received and transmitted using a single antenna.

HISPASAT and GlobalSat reach an agreement to improve connectivity for SMEs in Mexico

The agreement will benefit the Mexican business sector which will be able to access satellite-based broadband solutions at very competitive conditions to cover its connectivity needs.

The agreement combines connectivity services in the Ku band and the new Ka band from the Amazonas 5 satellite.

Hispasat and Phasor to develop and deploy new antenna for high-speed satellite connectivity to professional vehicles

Phasor’s electronically-steered, flat antenna will link up with Hispasat satellite fleet to provide telecommunications services to commercial land transport vehicles.

HISPASAT to unveil its new satellite during “Washington Satellite 2018”

During the event the Spanish operator will present the H30W-6, the newest satellite in its fleet, which will contribute to decreasing the digital divide in North Africa, Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula.

Hispasat will also display its latest offering in the Ka band for Mexico and Brazil thanks to the capacities of the Amazonas 5 satellite.

HISPASAT will participate in one of the most important debates in the event and will be present in the fair's exhibition area, with several live demonstrations.

HISPASAT reaches a net profit of 80.5 million Euros

The Spanish operator has managed to consolidate its total revenues, 235 million Euros, in a complicated year for the satellite market.

The EBITDA margin continues to be above 80%, among the highest in the sector.

The guaranteed long-term satellite capacity contracts (back-log) stands at 4.4 times the company's annual revenues.

Successful launch of the Hispasat 30W-6 satellite from Florida (EEUU)

HISPASAT’S new communications satellite, which was launched by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, is now in space.

Hispasat 30W-6, located at the 30° West orbital position, will provide a wide range of telecommunications services to Europe, America and North Africa.

HISPASAT receives the “Talent without gender” prize in the EJE&CON Awards

The Spanish Association of Female Executives and CEO's has awarded the prize to the company in the SME category.

The operator promotes and encourages initiatives that favour diversity in the STEM field.

Hispasat 30W-6 satellite to be launched tonight from Cape Canaveral

​The satellite will be put into space by a SpaceX Falcon 9 launcher from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, after the fairing’s pressurization system incident was solved.

The launch is scheduled for 06:34 Spanish time.

Hispasat will be the satellite operator for a project that will make Barcelona a hub for 5G testing in Europe

The Spanish operator will form part of a team that will perform tests to define hybrid infrastructures intended for 5G services and to measure indicators.

The proposal, presented by the European Commission, involves a consortium of more than 40 companies and public and private organisations.

Hispasat is also participating in other projects involving the integration of telecommunication satellites in 5G ecosystems that are beginning to be developed.

Delay in the launch of the Hispasat 30W-6 satellite

SpaceX reports additional testing on the fairing’s pressurization system of the launcher.

Hispasat 30W-6 satellite to be launched on Sunday from Cape Canaveral

- It will be put into space by a SpaceX Falcon 9 launcher from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

- The launch is scheduled for 06:35 Spanish time.

Hispasat and Eurona will bring satellite broadband services to all parts of Spain

Both companies have agreed to market the Ka-band capacity of the Hispasat 36W-1 and Hispasat 30W-6 satellites to bridge the digital divide in areas underserved by terrestrial telecommunications networks.

The agreement coincides with the announcement of the Secretariat of State for the Information Society and the Digital Agenda to offer subsidies of up to 400 euros for the procurement of fixed broadband services at 30 Mbps.

Eurona thus becomes the operator with the greatest satellite capacity in Europe, and it was the first accredited operator to qualify for this aid.

The Hispasat 30W-6 satellite arrives at the Cape Canaveral space centre

HISPASAT’s new satellite has passed all the tests during the construction process and is now in the SpaceX launch base.

Hispasat 30W-6 is expected to be sent into orbit in February 2018.

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