The Hispasat Board of Directors took note of the new Redeia policy map.

This map is made up of the following policies:

In the field of internal management, Hispasat confirms its firm commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in the provision of its services aimed at satisfying the connection needs of people in any region through advanced satellite communications services capable of responding , with quality, efficiency, reliability and integrating prevention into its daily work activity, according to the needs and expectations of its stakeholders.

Hispasat , aware of the commitments it makes with its clients, employees and other interested parties, considers Quality, Safety and Health at Work, the Reconciliation of personal and work life and Information Security, priority factors for the development of your activity. Likewise, Hispasat considers information as an asset of fundamental importance for daily operations, and establishes the necessary means to guarantee the integrity, availability, confidentiality, authenticity and traceability of the information captured, stored, processed, processed and guarded in its information systems. satellite control environment information. To this end, the organization has an Integrated Management System, which guarantees the achievement of the highest standards in these areas.

Integrated Management Policy