As regards the mobility sector, Hispasat continued in 2017 to incorporate improvements into the service it provides to Renfe AVE trains.

In the course of the year, Hispasat collaborated with Aicox and Indra in developing the new antenna carried by the AVE, which is not only compatible with all types of its high-speed trains, but comes with features characteristics that allow for greater service efficiency and availability. At present, practically all those trains that use the service provided by HISPASAT have had the new antenna fitted in the course of 2017.

On foot of these improvements, the consortium that came up with the connectivity solution for AVE trains, and which was led by RENFE, was selected at the IBC tradeshow held every year in Amsterdam as a contender for the “IBC2017 Innovation Award” in its “Content Everywhere” section, managing to reach one of the four finalist spots.

Moreover, the company continues to forge ahead with its efforts in the connectivity via satellite field for cars. Accordingly, the company is participating in the Sat2Car project, along with companies such as PSA Peugeot Citroën, Egatel Altia and Quobis. The main project objective is to develop and validate an integral system of mobile services and applications for vehicles via satellite through the development of an end-to-end technological platform which allows for one-way and two-way broadband applications with high added value, enabling the exchange of real time information and communication between vehicles and service providers. Studies were ongoing in 2017, while definitions of the technological elements and services required to establish this link were completed.