Audiovisual market

Ultra High Definition

Ultra High Definition television -also known as 4K- increases the number of pixels on a high-definition screen four times over. This means the resolution is four times greater than conventional high definition, furnishing an ultra-clear image to give viewers a very high perception indeed of quality. Satellite is the perfect platform for UHD services due to its large bandwidth, which is essential for high-quality transmission of such a large amount of data. The power of the HISPASAT satellites can transmit these contents thanks to a design focusing on DTH (direct to home) services.

The company has began permanent, unscrambled satellite transmissions of its HISPASAT 4K channel, making it available to the industry to perform tests and develop advanced solutions for new video formats. In doing so, its aim is to contribute to the generation of content in this format, and boost the development of this technology to be able to roll it out for viewers as soon as possible. The HISPASAT 4K channel will enable UHD content to be broadcasted. The first broadcast is a fifty-minute documentary on the Prado Museum produced by Televisión Española (RTVE) and co-produced by HISPASAT.

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